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Creation and the portal to consciousness

A part of me whispers that the change is happening right this second. In what direction ? Towards what ? Who is this shining star I see the shadow of ? Is that really me ? The contours of this being are still blurry, not quite visible for the untrained eye. It is discipline to […]

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Dear rapist – A letter

April 26th, 2021 – Marseille. Dear rapist, I don’t remember your name. I do remember your face though, appearing at the blink of an eye. This is not a love letter, this is me putting all my strength in these words, trying to make sense of what happened to you – therefore, to me. You […]

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Elle, parmi les autres – Mythological insight

The story I am about to tell is one a of woman, whose name I will not tell. Her name is of no use, it is of no purpose. She has no clear feature, no color, no family to anchor herself to. She is a woman you could meet waiting for a train, or drinking […]

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There is a flow within us – On womnx’s resilience.

There is a flow within us. Today, I will listen to the flow and write about the resilience of women. How we are able to continue even though the pain of our ancestors burn inside of us. The ashes of our sisters are still warm and we keep going, further, trying to decipher what of […]


THE PEACH RANDOM PODCAST – Episode 2 – About Sex – With Armando Cabba

Welcome to the second episode of the PEACH RANDOM PODCAST Today the main theme is sexuality. And Very specifically, I will turn around and about sex for an hour-ish, around the idea of pleasure with my amazing host Armando Cabba, I’ll then speak a bit of literature, poetry and music, of course. TW : talk […]

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Random Recipe X Miss Me : « Hey Boy » – Montréal’s finest womnx saying to all the boys to shut the F*** up and listen

Model on cover : Miranda Chan – Dancer January 2020, Montréal. In a great white empty room, a dozen people getting busy to organize the shooting of the videoclip « Hey Boy » by Random Recipe x Miss Me. Random Recipe is a queer montréal band existing in the international musical scene for more than ten years […]

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A talk on Tarot reading and intuition : interview with Christina Leynes – Shine your Light Oracle

These past few months, the energies of the world in terms of chaotic changes, dramatic massive deaths and interpersonal relationships shifts have been occuring. At least, that is what I have been observing. The incertainty of the future we hold made me inherently interested in the many different ways humans tend to grasp to beliefs […]

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What does it mean to work as a feminist ?

Image : Collage par le groupe d’Artistes Riot Grrls.  This question, of the feminist work,  is a substantial question which led to me asking myself “how come my feminism is different from my mother’s, my friend’s, my neighbour’s ?’ I wonder what drives me everyday in doing what I do. You know, this urge, this […]

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Interview with Armando Cabba – Renaissance-inspired resistance : The sex and the self in modern Painting.

In this very weird times of staying home in order to individually prevent the Covid-19 pandemic to grow endlessly, interviews are systematically made by skype. Armando and I both are in Paris and the moment and as  many of us, creating in the small spaces we have. Through my computer, I see a smiley face, […]

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About pleasure – A derivative reflexion

I have been asked to write about pleasure many times. Maybe it is because I talk about it so much, or maybe it is because I question others about their relationship to pleasure. Anyways, I wrote, I thought, I remembered and felt past moments of delicate agony. Still it seems so thin, so volatile under […]